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Dinnington Rugby Club was formed in 1967 from a nucleus of ex-school pupils by local Councillor Peggy Rowett and enthusiast Tommy Randall. In an area traditionally dominated by soccer, the introduction of Rugby Union was both innovative and unusual, however, meagre financial resources and local indifference failed to discourage the snowball effect of the game on the school and the club. The early 1970's brought in influx of new players and administrators to the club who were determined to expand and develop the rugby talent clearly available. Fixtures improved dramatically and a Second XV was formed, and the old name of "Dinnington Old Boys" was replaced with the clubs current title.


Land had been earmarked for a clubhouse and pitches, so serious fundraising began, with Bingo nights at the Lordens Hotel, Disco's, Sponsored Walks, Treasure Hunts and Dinners which flushed local businessmen of their spare cash, all in a good cause, of course!

The Clubhouse finally opened in 1978 and the merry band of players and enthusiasts who had worked so hard at fundraising now set their goals on the odious task of increasing bar sales, under the shrewd management team of David Weatherburn and "Ayatollah" Bob Scott, the club began to flourish. During the early eighties four senior sides played regularly and on several occasions, five and the junior and mini rugby section increased in popularity, resulting in several lads appearing in the First XV.

By the late eighties and early nineties the reputation of the club was enhanced not only by the number of our players who had been selected to play for clubs such as Harlequins, Rotherham, West Hartlepool and Bath, but by the First Team continuing to improve it’s position in the Yorkshire Leagues by playing fast open Rugby, a testament of how far the Club had progressed in such a short time.

The extension and refurbishment of the club in the 21st century is not only a tribute to the dogged hard work of individuals such as Mick Venimore, Graham Ward and Norman Tate, among many others, it is also a testimony to the endearing legacy of what has gone before in our club and the rich seam of Rugby talent that is to come.





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